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  • Juanita Smith (Saturday, December 23 17 08:11 pm EST)

    I am so happy with my hair. My hair had a lot of split ends but Marie Anne cut more hair to my satisfaction. She took her time and made she sure I left happy. I will definitely be going back to her.

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Cindy Thorpe

Venue Review

In the process of updating the salon. Still
clean and professional atmosphere for and from all. Very friendly staff.


After relocating from NY it took me a year to
find this salon. Finally a stylist that has pure knowledge of not just styles
but also maintenance!!! Most important ladies!!! Cut my hair prior to
relocating... Her styles were top of the line. Now I've decided to let it grow
again and all I can say is there is no in between stage after you've seen her.
You will be impressed.

Linda Smith


I was very impressed with the new decor of the salon. I was immediately taken to my stylist upon my arrival. The salon is very comfortable and kid friendly. The colors are warm and inviting like the people that work there.

SP Review

My stylist Asia Lee is excellent with hair care. I have not found anyone in 12 years that can cut better than her. Arabia gives the BEST shampoo ever! I love coming to Vivia's to relax and leave looking like a DIVA! Thanks Asia and Arabia for 12 great years!


Hair Salon Woodbridge VA

DateApr-10-2012 10:57 PMOverall




  ExcellentVenue ReviewClean, warm & inviting atmosphere...

SP Name
Vivia Charles
SP Review
Ms. Viv does the most amazing job with her weave installs. I moved from VA to DC and still make my way down to her and only her for my installations. Even my mother who now lives in Florida makes her way here quarterly just for Ms. Vivia's flawless weaves. She is the kindest, sweetest stylist I've known. If you want a flat, well blended, beautiful weave, Ms. Viv is your answer

Kesha Gregory

Very classy, clean, and spacious.

Melvena is awesome!! I found her at Vivia's over three years ago and she has god given talent. I came to her with damaged, natural hair. Melvena restored my hair's health and she is very knowledgeable. I will always trust her and only her with my hair.

Patricia Alexander

Provides a salon atmosphere.

Asia Lee


My stylist is Asia and I'm always satisfied with my hair. Its looks so
healthy - Thanks Asia.

Tisha Tomlin

You feel like your family there.

SP Name

Melvena Rawls

SP Review

Mel is the best!! I get so many compliments on my hair and she cares about making your hair as healthy as possible.

Ericka Frazer

Venue Review

Very nice and upscale salon. All of the
stylists are really nice. The best I've visited in the area.

SP Name

Cynthia Harris

SP Review

My stylist Cynthia is AWESOME and I'm always
satisfied with the service she provides.


Kimberly Jenkins Snoograss

Venue Review

The atmosphere is just fabulous.

SP Name

Vivia Charles

SP Review

I totally appreciate you, and support your vision.

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